Glow & Tingle Consulting

"Operative rush is a sign of mental calm"


By means of live lectures and seminars, digital products and consultations - we make you more successful!

Offering benefits - harvesting benefits! In that order...
We are firmly convinced of the cause-and-effect principle: You can only be successful if you offer a benefit.
Consulting and training always need up-to-date practical relevance. The Schindlerhof is our field of experimentation, where we conduct field research in order to offer you sophisticated products and services.

"Tell me, and I will forget"- this is how our competitors have to convey their teaching material, for better or worse ...

"Show me, and I will remember" - is our motto. Our statements are credible and always tested and proven in practice at the Schindlerhof. That's why the venue for all our consulting projects is the Schindlerhof - the Center for Business Excellence.

"Involve me, and I will understand" - If you need help with implementation, our team can help you. We make you more successful by "helping you to help yourself".

The common thread running through all content - the EFQM Excellence Model - with its focus on leadership and strategy including company succession, service quality and employee orientation as well as organizational development ensures that you achieve higher profits without changing your calculations and also enjoy a harmonious family life with more free time. In short: You no longer work in, but on your company!

We convey innovations that have been tried and tested in practice as tools for holistic company management in a pragmatic, simple way. We are role models and provide guidance for ethical business management. Our mission is to inspire you to set out on the path to excellence and to lead to success through innovation.

As an owner-managed consulting and training company, we develop procedures for implementing a holistic systemic organisation model (EFQM model) at the reference company Schindlerhof.

We convey our message directly and bluntly - we do not allow others to be used to achieve predetermined goals.
The promotion of entrepreneurship is close to our heart!

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