Glow & Tingle Consulting

 "Operational hecticness is a sign of mental calm."
By means of live lectures and seminars, digital products and consulting - we make you more successful!

Consulting Overview

Offer benefits - reap the benefits! In this order... 
We are firmly convinced of the cause-effect principle: You can only be successful if you offer a benefit. 
Consulting and training always need up-to-date practical relevance. The Schindlerhof is our experimental field in which we conduct field research in order to be able to offer you mature products and services. 

"Tell me, and I will forget"- That's the way our competitors have to teach their teaching material...

"Show me, and I will remember" is our motto. Our statements are credible and always tested and proven in practice at Schindlerhof. That's why the venue for all our consulting projects is Schindlerhof - the center for business excellence. 

"Involve me, and I will understand" - If you need help with the implementation, you can get advice from our team. We make you more successful through "Helping people to help themselves".

The central theme of all content - EFQM's Excellence Model - with the focus on leadership and strategy including company succession, service quality and employee orientation as well as organisational development ensures that you achieve higher profits without changing your calculations and also enjoy a harmonious family life with more free time. In short: You no longer work in, but on your company! 

We convey tried and tested innovations as tools for integrated corporate management in a pragmatic, simple way. We are role models and lead by ethical corporate management. Our mission is to inspire you to move towards excellence and to lead to success through innovation.

As an owner-managed consulting and training company, we develop procedures for implementing an integrated systemic organizational model (EFQM model) at the reference company Schindlerhof.

We convey our message directly and bluntly - we do not let ourselves get caught up in the goals set by others.  
The promotion of entrepreneurship is important to us!

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Your personal advisors

Klaus Kobjoll
because he does what he says. At the age of 22, he set up his own business, has meanwhile mastered 10 company foundations - when the term "start-up" was not yet in use - and knows what he is talking about. His entrepreneurial success is rooted, among other things, in his methodical enthusiasm and his constant and systematic rethinking, lateral thinking and renewal.
Success comes when you follow yourself. 14 awards confirm what is possible with planning, a clear vision and in a team. 

www.schindlerhof.de   www.kobjoll.de

Main topics: Leadership and Strategy

Nicole Kobjoll
grew up in her parents' companies. 
After graduating from high school, she studied at the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne and worked in Ticino and Dublin. After six years abroad, she returned to Schindlerhof in 2000 and began her succession, which has now of course been completed. 
Nicole achieved numerous successes - one of the first was winning the "Start up Prize" of the savings banks and Mc Kinsey for the best company successor in Bavaria. The latest success was winning GREAT PLACE TO WORK 2018 - Germany-wide and across all industries. 
What Nicole cares about is the people! Within the family - within the company - and with all those involved in the company's core processes. Communication plays an essential role (digital AND personal (!)), but also the values of the company, the selection of the right people in the organization - rituals - and finally also trust... 
www.schindlerhof.de   www.kobjoll.de

Main topics: Company Succession and Team 
Main topics

Dr. Marcel Setzer
"Since 2002, we have been developing new solutions in the field of mobile corporate and employee communications for Schindlerhof and for more than 400 companies in 8 countries across all industries. With a focus on the EFQM model of the European Foundation for Quality Management, we pursue the approach of continuously developing new creative digital tools online & mobile with the MAX Toolbox for companies". 

www.max-toolbox.com   www.amployee-app.de  www.valido-group,com


Main topics: Digital Products

Meike Wilmowicz
is an expert when it comes to business excellence. She acquired her wealth of experience in her almost 20 years of activity as "left, right and now free hand" from Klaus Kobjoll. Under her leadership, the company "Glow & Tingle" won the Ludwig Erhard Prize, which is regarded as the "German Business Oscar". With WERTarbeit, Meike Wilmowicz implements implementation support with the aim of "helping kmus to help itself" - to create a basis on which they can grow healthily. It stands for accuracy and reliability, is strong in its implementation and passionate about what it does.  A woman from the practice for the practice.


Main topics: Implementation and organisational development, process management, agile project management, QM/EFQM including assessments and moderation self-assessment, moderation annual target plan