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I never really wrote a book....
There were always talks and seminars about our very special company,
the Schindlerhof in Nuremberg, that someone recorded–once even without my knowledge.
These recordings eventually turned into a total of six books, which have been sold far more than 100,000 times. At some point I reacquired the rights from the publisher and suddenly they were nowhere to be found anymore; on eBay individual copies were offered and sold for 150 €.
So I decided to self-publish the best of the six, "Wa(h)re Herzlichkeit", once more. Unplugged and unchanged. This book was not only a bestseller in business literature in Germany but was also very successful in the Russian Federation among others. (180,000 copies were sold in a single year according to the publisher in Moscow)

He who swims against the current reaches the spring faster!
We did nearly everything differently than the majority of entrepreneurs:
* built a strong employer brand in a time during which this word didn't even exist yet.
* uncompromisingly took on employee orientation as our mission; high customer satisfaction followed on its own.
* kept a price guarantee from the start: since 1984 every customer pays the same price. Discounts are just another word for desperation for us.
* stayed completely independent, aren't part of a cooperation and don't know concentration risk. A family-owned business through and through!

All recommendations in this book have been proven for many years and work in all service industries! Many of our fans reaffirm this again and again.
My wife Renate and I built our Schindlerhof from nothing, but our daughter Nicole has long succeeded us with flying colors and made the Schindlerhof even more glamorous since then with an innovative employee app, iPads for the entire team and the MAX tool suite, which contains nearly everything necessary for a paperless office: shift planning, a suggestion box, employee training, an internal "WhatsApp", bewildering self-assessment for employees and much more.
Our grandson maximilian is a partner in our holding company since he was three. I merely act as a brand ambassador and give–of course–talks and seminars on the topic of integrated management (TQM) with a focus on "Wa(h)re Herzlichkeit" in the Schindlerhof!

Klaus Kobjoll
Lugano, September 2015

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