Wa(h)re Herzlichkeit

Marketing pull instead of marketing pressure through a high quality of service and enthusiastic employees.

The seminar's contents touch upon all areas of a company–leadership, employee orientation, policies and strategy, processes–and are built on the solid foundation of TQM.Marketing pull instead of marketing pressure through a high quality of service and enthusiastic employees. Enthusiastic employees are a prerequisite of high quality of service. Whether someone is a producer or a service provider: Nowadays service is the deciding factor across all industries!

The word "sale" doesn't exist in the Schindlerhof. We merely extend purchase invitations.

People want to be seduced in a charming manner; preferably by someone who is enthusiastic and truly passionate about their offering!
Solely providing services is no longer sufficient to being profitable. A new paradigm isn necessary!

The future is about more than just service.
Service is overused. Companies that do not claim to provide good service no longer exist.

In the Schindlerhof our employees are learned in the art of inspiring customers!

Use our seminars as an energy service station and innovation pipeline for your business!

Target audience
Suitable for all passionate entrepreneurs–self-employed or not!

Main topics
The seminar's contents touch upon all areas of a company:


  • Standards, processes, ISO

Strategic planning

  • Long, mid and short term planning
  • Developing and bringing to life an underlying mission statement


  • Leadership responsibilities and fundamentals

Employee orientation

  • Recruitment filter, building an employer brand, employee interviews

and are built on the solid foundation of TQM (Total Quality Management).

Success will follow if when you follow your own path.
15 awards including the European Quality Award confirm what is possible as a team with planning and a well-defined vision.

"Wa(h)re Herzlichkeit" internally

  • Tools to optimize service quality
  • Mindset /Appreciation /Leadership
  • Rituals of appreciation–the "Diamond" in the Schindlerhof, which has already helped win many prizes and awards!

"Wa(h)re Herzlichkeit" externally

  • Experiences that the customer connects with emotionally
  • How are customer friendships developed?
  • Distinguishing yourself from the competition with soft skills!
  • The art of inspiring customers
  • Also:

In their talk on innovation, Nicolle Kobjoll-Setzer and Dr. Marcel Setzer focus on two main topics:

  • Core innovation process in the Schindlerhof – it helps us to "hear the grass grow" and forces us to stay innovative despite the busy daily life in the company.
  • Mobile & online communication 3.0 – keeping with the times and utilizing new media with everything included in our MAX tool suite: from the company and employee app to the classic online presence, from the usage of social media to search engine optimization with Google. In other words, a consommé double of possibilities of communicating online and on the go.


15./16. May 2019
29.-31. July 2019
16./17. November 2019


1st day: 9:00 AM to approximately 6:00 PM
2nd day: 9.00 AM to approximately 4:00 PM
We reserve a number of rooms for our seminar participants. It would be our pleasure to take care of booking for you.

Your investment

1,450 € per person plus VAT

Price for repeat participants
950 € per person plus VAT

Event location

Steinacher Straße 6-8
90427 Nürnberg

All information accompanying this seminar, including handouts and access to the seminar chat room, will be provided to you in the members area of the Kobjoll app (iOS and Android) as well as online https://www.valido-max.com and customer key: Kobjoll).

Terms and conditions

A cancelation fee in the amount of 10 % of the seminar fee is charged on cancelations fewer than 30 days before the seminar's beginning. Canceling fewer than 20 days before the seminar is not possible and will result in you being charged the full seminar fee. Of course you may pass your seminar seat on to a substitute of your choice. The seminar fee must be paid in full at least 6 weeks before the seminar.

Your investment of 1,450 € plus VAT includes comprehensive documentation of the seminar, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks and non-alcoholic beverages.
Overnight stays are charged separately by the hotel.
(Participants usually have a return on their investment to show for soon after the seminar.)

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