Customer enthusiasm

One-day seminar with Nicole Kobjoll and Dr. Marcel Setzer

Our goal is ...

... not only satisfy customers, but to inspire them! Only in this way can you noticeably set yourself apart from your competitors.

To achieve this a functional organization and good team leadership are essential. If these are provided the business can go full throttle and win over customers' long-term loyalty! We develop our own concepts. Many awards attest to our success: Ludwig Erhard Prize, European Excellence Award, Marketing Prize, Great Place to Work Europe, just to name a few highlights.

People want to be seduced–by someone who is enthusiastic and truly passionate about their offering!

Main topics

Organization, ISO/Quality Management–In Short
The more solid foundation and walls are, the more freely employees can maneuver. A huge chance! Thanks to ISO more time is available for customers every day. We live integrated quality management.

Leadership and Employee Rituals
Leading isn't always easy! However, a few management principles exist that are very beneficial to the day-to-day business.
Employee rituals help to keep the team spirit alive and constantly evolving.

Customer Enthusiasm – Focus Point

  • The columns of customer orientation
  • Innovation as a force within the company
  • CRM – Customer relationship management helps you document and organize your customer relationships. When customers are happy, everyone is happy! Word-of-mouth recommendations are more effective than any advertisement–and the team sees what it is working for! Become a "customer champion".

Innovation with a continuous improvement process
We show tools that help you make innovation a part of day-to-day operations together with your team.

An instrument to make quality a part of the work day–whether when getting in the right mood for the day, during debriefing or somewhere inbetween. The result is the constant removal of any "sand in the gears".

Communication using Web 2.0 – Focus Point
Those who don't go with the times will go in time!
Online marketing is becoming more and more important! A Google-optimized home page is not the only thing that can advance your business–utilizing social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and blogs/forums as well as CRM and eCommerce are equally effective!

Dr. Marcel Setzer's CV

Dr. Marcel Setzer is responsible for the management consultancy division at Glow & Tingle. Having gained experience throughout many years in traditional management consultancy he finally went into business for himself in 2002. His current highlight is jomondo (, which ranks among Germany's 250 most visited web sites. His specialty is Web 2.0, which the Schindlerhof has benefited from for years.

Born in 1968, married to Nicole Kobjoll

studied business administration at the RWTH Aachen, graduated with honors as a Diplom-Kaufmann (equivalent to MBA)

2000 Received doctorate in political science
1995–1998 Consultant at BBE Consulting
1999 Consultants at EDC Consultants in Florida, USA
1999–2002 Head of Inhouse Consulting at KarstadtQuelle AG

Owner of TSA Consultants GmbH since 2002 – clients include:

  • Lambertz – Setup and management of their mail-order division from 2002 to 2005
  • Lebkuchen-Schmidt – Management, marketing and sales from 2005 to 2010
  • Schindlerhof – Strategy, brand value development and online marketing from 2008 until today
  • Starting in 2008 owner of jomondo GmbH – online jobbing
  • Starting in 2011 Glow & Tingle – management consultant and speaker
  • Starting in 2012 owner of valido GmbH – Mafo institute and online panels

Nicole Kobjoll's CV

Born in 1974, married to Dr. Marcel Setzer

2001–2002 Apprenticeship as a process consultant at con.train
1996–2000 Bachelor of Science in International Hotel Management at the hotel academy École hôtelière de Lausanne
Seit 2000 SCHINDLERHOF Company succession largely completed (2006 Bavarian Founders Prize for best company succession)
Seit 2000 Speaker at GLOW & TINGLE (among top 100 speakers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – Speakers Excellence) in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010
1998 SIGNATURE HOTELS COLLECTION in Dublin, Ireland (marketing agency for independent hotels)
1997 GIARDINO in Ascona, Switzerland (service and kitchen)


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