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"Hosen runter". Successful decrease of food procurement costs – Case Study Schindlerhof. Klaus Kobjoll interviewed by Rolf Westermann (editor-in-chief of AHGZ) and Jochen Oehler (director of progros).

Schindlerhof develops employee app
Allgemeine Hotel- und Gastronomie-Zeitung (AHGZ)  February 24, 2015

Interview with Klaus Kobjoll
"For me business leadership means letting go"
April 2009 issue

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Small but select
The Nuremberg-based seminar and management agency Glow & Tingle GmbH lead by Klaus Kobjoll has been awarded the most coveted trophy for quality management in Germany: the Ludwig Erhard Award. The award is bestowed upon businesses that distinguish themselves through excellent integrated management geared towards customer satisfaction, process optimization and innovation by the initiative of the same name. The agency Glow & Tingle is the smallest business yet to receive the award. With Klaus Kobjoll–primarily known as a hotelier–and his daughter Nicole Kobjoll as well as general manager Meike Wilmowicz the firm merely counts three members. Nevertheless the mini was able to achieve profits of 1.5 million Euros in 2008. The prize was presented to Klaus Kobjoll and Meike Wilmowicz on November 26, 2009 in Berlin. It was an exceptional moment: Not only was the smallest company yet awarded. Just like Bosch–awarded in the category large corporations–it was able to achieve a record score in the judging process.

Source: managerSeminare issue 142; December 17, 2009; Author(s): (jum)

AHM Industry News
Ludwig Erhard Prize 2009 for Klaus Kobjoll

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Highest Award for Micro-Sized Businesses
Ludwig-Erhard-Preis 2009 für Glow & Tingle

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Ludwig Erhard Award 2009:
Small is beautiful–Glow & Tingle receives „Business Oscar“

It's a sensation in quality management circles: Not only was it the smallest company to date to win the Ludwig Erhard Award in 2009, it did so with the highest score yet. After already receiving the Ludwig Erhard Award in the years 1998 and 2003 for his hotel Schindlerhof in Nuremberg, Klaus Kobjoll tackled the next challenge in 2008.

Glow & Tingle is comprised of only three members: Klaus Kobjoll, his daughter and successor Nicole Kobjoll and Meike Wilmowicz, the company's general manager who has been Klaus Kobjoll's right and left hand for over a decade. It was she who organized, structured and formulated the prize application and took charge of the project.

The Ludwig Erhard Award, often referred to as a "business Oscar", is–like the European Excellence Award–based on the excellence model of the European Foundation for Quality Management and is the award for sustainable top performance and competitiveness for businesses of all kind in Germany. In other words, this prize is the highest award that a German company can receive.

We are thrilled to once again receive this award!

More information on the award can be found at www.ilep.de

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Appointment as ambassador of the initiative Ludwig Erhard Award
Beyond that, Klaus Kobjoll received another distinction by being appointed ambassador of the initiative Ludwig Erhard Award. The reason: Through his work he has notably furthered the significance, the prestige and the profile of this prize. In his capacity as ambassador Klaus Kobjoll will continue to promote the commitment to business excellence and its pursuit among German businesses.

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September 2009:

Klaus Kobjoll is awarded for his life's work and ceremoniously inducted into the German Speakers Hall of Fame.

Klaus Kobjoll in the Hall of Fame
German Speakers Association awards its greatest honor
Mannheim. As part of its annual convention the German Speakers Associated has inducted two leading speakers into its hall of fame. The lifetime achievement award was bestowed upon the cartoonist and "simplify your life" inventor Werner Tiki Küstenmacher (laudation by Prof. Jörg Knoblauch) as well as the Schindlerhof-hotelier and motivational trainer Klaus Kobjoll (laudation by Alexander Christiani).

The awards were presented by GSA president Sabine Asgodom and her deputy Siegfried Haider at a gala during the association's annual convention. „The two speakers“, said president Asgodom, CSP, „show the great breadth of our business: Klaus Kobjoll is an exceptional expert in his field who has developed management fundamentals based on his own experience. Tiki Küstenmacher is a modern philosopher who turns wise thoughts into actionable instructions.“

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„Kobjoll unplugged. The inspirer straight to the point.“
Klaus Kobjoll interviewed by Hans-Jürgen Krackher for Wüllners Ausblick

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Interview with Klaus Kobjoll:
„Koschwitz am Morgen“

from August 21, 2009

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First place for the third time in a row
"Hospitality Industry" hat-trick!

37th place in the category small and medium sized businesses
up to 500 employees

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Hospitality Industry Certificate

May 18, 2009
Grand Prix of Chosen Conference Hotels

In the category of "small" conference hotels (less than 100 rooms) the Schindlerhof in Nuremberg-Boxdorf came in first. In accordance with the publisher's rules the distinguished conference hotel lead by Nicole and Klaus Kobjoll was required to forgo the competition for two years after achieving first place three times in a row. This was the second time this "unfortunate" fate had "befallen" the Schindlerhof. Now the grand comeback with a total score of 4151 points.

DIE NEWS, May 2009 issue

"Wahre Herzlichkeit is convincing.
How to score with friendliness and dedicated staff"
Article by Klaus Kobjoll

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„Wa(h)re Herzlichkeit!“

One-day seminar with Klaus Kobjoll

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Wa(h)re Herzlichkeit

„Great Place to Work – Germany's Best Employers of 2009“

Hat-trick for the Schindlerhof: For the third time it has taken the lead for the hotel industry and achieved first place

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Germany's Best Employers of 2009

Klaus Kobjoll – appointed to the BWA senate

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Klaus Kobjoll – appointed to the BWA senate

"Not afraid to make mistakes"
Article from the Stuttgarter Zeitung;
October 17, 2008 issue
"Voice and vibe"
shape second female entrepreneur forum

Volksblatt Lichtenstein
June 20, 2008

The Schindlerhof comes in 12th Germany-wide and receives special prize "Lifelong Learning"

Germany's Best Employers
Schindlerhof at the forefront
Interview with Nicole Kobjoll
about the special prize „Lifelong Learning“
Capital issue 05/08: Ranking
Capital issue 05/08: Special prizes

Industry Leader Klaus Kobjoll
"Beauty fades, but the appetite for well-roasted duck remains!"
from "convention international",
July/August 2007 issue

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